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About is brand of the experienced Bulgarian tour operator Polonia.BG Ltd. is a brand of the Bulgarian tour operator Polonia.BG Ltd., founded in 2009 by professionals with extensive experience in the tourism industry. The company is fully licensed incoming and outgoing tour operator (license No.PK-01-6370 issued by the Bulgarian Ministry of Economy), and a registered company in bulgarian court and trade register (VAT number BG200633506). We have multilingual staff, tour guides and representatives in all major beach and mountain resorts in Bulgaria.

We are one of the fast-growing tourist companies company with an individual approach to each client. Our clients receive the best holiday offers and professional support to organize their travel plans, holidays and events in Bulgaria. Our mission is to provide the best options for travel, tourism, recreation and events for each client - individual or group.

Polonia BG provides full range of tourist services. As an incoming tour operator we have partners from Russia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Austria, Romania, Turkey, Serbia, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Greece, Hungary and Macedonia. Every year we serve more than 10 000 tourists in Bulgaria and nowadays many of them are our regular clients and friends.

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Preliminary research is the phase where we have to discover the overt objectives of the clients and, most importantly, his covert objectives. At this stage we also determine the practicality of the client’s objectives, desires and vision.



During the Organization phase the clients provide the theme of the events, possible concepts and flow of the event.

At the same time it is important not to lose sight of the objectives that need to be achieved while designing the event.



In this phase, the budget, venue and timelines should be finalized.

If the preliminary research and organization stages are conducted well, no or minor additions will be encountered in this stage.

The plan is organic, meaning some details can change because of unforeseen situations and developments. On the other hand, the planning process serves as an exercise that allows to foresee carefully and meticulously all the details of the event.



This is the stage where the logistics, manpower and other requirements are finalized and most of the work needed for pre-event is completed.

The 3 Cs (Communication, Cooperation and, of course, Coordination) are the most important in this stage.



Surveys and post event assessments are part of this stage. In simpler terms, it is like getting a checklist of objectives and expectations before the event and comparing with the final result.

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